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The way I see it (I might not have gotten it right) this whole thing is based on an UNcountable set of points. It’s not applicable because it’s not countable. The amount of points on the surface of a sphere is infinite, so it’s impossible to list it. Same with any infinite subgroup of it. I think using a sphere is unnecessarily complicated, this could be demonstrated with points on a line, which are infinite too. This is a way of showing that infinite is made up of other infinites, so yeah, you could take half an infinite and it would be just as infinite as the whole, okay, but we don’t deal with infinites in the real world, only in theory.

We’re all going down together my friends

The bass drop in this is sick

How the hell do you get half a rabbit?

We watched this in class today. Also my 4th period teacher loves your guys’ channel!

Interesting. Hhh. Deep depression and complaining about life turned into a justifying philosophical movement. Many unaware existentialists these days.


That only the men on the boat are responsible for taking care of their families, and by dying condemns their families to a life of poverty, should not hold much consideration for the jury. Ideally, it should not be a situation that the society should put people in in the first place. Eventually, the welfare state did address that issue. Anyway, it is too easy to rationalize behavior in such a situation. We don’t really know if someone is rationalizing selfishness or is acting from ultruism.

More videos like this please!

I am offended

I’ve always thought DiCaprios accent in Blood Diamond was one of the coolest and most unique accents I’ve ever heard. Good to know it wasn’t far off the mark either.

03:50 – ish: This is what is called an etymological language. French is also an etymogloical language. French spelling makes less sense than english spelling. French words on average have as many letters as their english counterparts, but as little as 25% of the word is actually pronounced.

Everyone thinks they are not meant by this. Which makes this all a huge circlejerk.

I like how the entire year was a rainy summer

One of my favourite speakers.

Wonderful, I`m so happy to see this, speak very clearly with good explanation. Thank you

Dear Liz,

Anyone speaks English? Let’s exchange. 😁😁😁

Man this was a really good episode.

Why on earth would anyone want to deliberately speak in his manner when it’s the opposite of what he tries to convince us. “I’m smart, I’m like really, really smart.” WHO DOES THAT? Not smart people.

Thank you for this simple overview.

Including this one also

Guys, I don’t know about you, but sitting and stepping on books is and insult and a form of disrespect in my culture.


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