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Bad vampire fiction=the horror that can only be Twilight

WOW! This is so COOL! I thought I was the only one who did this 😀 I actually listen to this type of music when I read too

I really found this interesting and your descriptions and examples were great! 🙂 Sandy

This guy has a couple of good tips: don’t view your task as speaking to perfection and getting the rhythm down makes native speech not seem so fast any more. However, for the rest of it he makes the same mistake many “simplifiers” of language learning make: assuming that speech is the primary task. However, once you have a vocabulary of a couple thousand words you can probably make yourself understood, but the native speaker you are trying to understand probably knows twenty thousand or more. You can’t simplify him.

Brad Pitt is soooo goooddd❤️

HI, i can’t seem to paste the graph in Words



OMG, Mr. Clifford, you’ve saved my life for 3 semesters… you’re really awesome… please man do some more videos.. you make life much easier.. i’m doing “Global Trade and finance” … the (Aprof) is good as a person and as a knowledge,,, but he’s soooo bad in teaching.. do some more.. and you must know that we relay on your successful videos

Fantastic video, thanks for sharing!

Mr. Clifford did the “Quick and Dirty with me — it was exciting”

Fuck i love young thug

Thank you! This is really, really helpful… thanks again.

You are amazing men

Wouldn’t mind hearing your take on Brad Pitt’s Jamaican Patois. I found it a bit simplified.


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