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After listening to this I cannot understand how Obama was somewhat popular. He was dreadful

Jij bent meisjedjamila

Brasil marcando presença aqui!

We love LeVar!

So helpful thank you xoxo

I miss Obama 🙁

My handwriting can be round, a lot of spacing between words and normal or narrow, pointed letters, cursive and I write the letter T just like that like most do and I write the small i without any space between the dot and the line sometimes. My handwriting changes but somehow everything just likes to fly.

This is actually…trash.

Pff i am 14 i can speak turkish, English, arabic, and i am still learning german i am syrian i am not joking i am seriously

Greetings Mr. Taylor, I want to thank you for your tutorial on what a literature review is. My first paper as a doctoral student was rejected because I and several of my fellow classmates came into the program writing in the form of a narrative. Your pin-hole concept nailed it on the head. I used it throughout my Ed. S curriculum and can’t wait to apply it to my candidacy cognates. Thank you so much.

Making this decision too, although I graduate high school 2019. I am scared because I feel like my good grades limit me to just going to uni immediately but I want to do this. However throughout the video your hair always distracts me 🙂 SO BEAUTIFUL

(Mit) Dem Haus – (with) the house (dative)

SO I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS HAVING THE SHOWER CONVERSATIONS! They helped a lot with both my English and Korean tbh. I still need improvement though TT

Writing on a chalkboard forces the teacher to move around (and on the right it says in the box: “What’s missing?” and then it lists things like photos, video, music, etc.)… I think this is pretty cool taking classes at the 2nd largest university (UCF) I can relate to a lot of this.

Considering that we live in the digital age and Smartphones can be used as a good example to test the Free Trade theory, let us consider this:

It’s 2017 and stills being a good representation of how our society is

I’m sorry, but Catcher in the Rye is just not a good book. The writer wasn’t even in his right mind at the time of writing it.


These two are way over the top and not funny nor interesting. Worst crash show ever

He looks like vladimir putin, how agrees with me?


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