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How do your write a critical response and a good statement

What institution do you go to? Nice video btw!

Today I drove 4 children, British, to a cross country race after school just outside of London. Ages 4, 7 8 and 9. I asked them who was the USA’s President and they ALL shouted back “Donald Trump”. None of them could have told me Obama, or Bush or Clinton. No way. Why should a British school child care?

Thank so much for great teaching.

I don´t ever trust a company as a neutral atitude until the game of interest is propperly done..

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder 😏

Am I the only one that puts this on and sleeps to it every night😂

No one will believe in you unless you do.

– Schools then compete for students. This will give parents a diverse range of options to fit their child’s individual needs. Schools could be big or small. Specialist or comprehensive. Where there is demand there will be supply. Good schools thrive, bad schools close down.


Thank you

Fuck that man

What could also be discussed to be in here:

Humans are beautiful

Haha, love it.

LOL! I get 4-5 on a good weeknight. I study for my job, so that I can be knowledgable about what I do, and so that I can address hundreds of questions that I might be asked about my area of expertise. What do I do? Teach. Ironic.

10/10 recommend 👌

No, he does not speak like everyone else just because he uses a fifth grade level vocabulary. The way Trump jumps from one topic to another IS incoherent. It is NOT normal. We don’t all constantly jump from topic to topic in the middle of a sentence the way he often does. His immature language is not deliberate and is a symptom of a far bigger problem.

What makes them beautiful? that’s the question.

I’m artistic. and child like

I called out with joy when I saw you include The Last Summer of Reason! It was what I was going to add as my favorite. You’re the best, John Green! 🙂

Martin Shkreli is a legend, Charlemagne is such a jerk in this

Then it will affect my band?

I did Ian MacArthur too for my final exam but I did the animal part

Thank you Jacob and Adriene.


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