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Anglo saxon=an gal saex (color. saka. scytian)son (desendants).

First test i took i scored a 72 which is almost a 5, I took another after I watched this video which I knew most of the graphs here but the few ones I didn’t know helped me get a 77 on my second test which is a 5. thanks bro I owe you

Multi-track drifting

The Alien you drew has got to be the cutest Alien ever x3

Age of empires 2 is the best one

Listen closely at 9:13

In fact it was a conspiracy against Mohammad mosadegh because of his plan for nationalizing the oil of iran, by western countries and it’s agents and it was not a protest by people of Iran, Dr mosadegh was really a Honorable man and had no relation with communists and others and he always was thinking about Iran and it’s people

Snapchat – leah_jonesyx this is so helpful!

This video was very well delivered. I applaud your clarity. Now I know with absolute certainty that “existentialism” is completely and totally wrong. I wasn’t sure till now. Thanks.

Jpiwlrlrrrrrrrrr. j.

Everyone bitching about price, it’s gonna be $40 when it comes out.

No offence, i find it unfair

The only thing people retain is the beginning and end of an essay. Yet it is a useless skill forced on us by our educations system. You know what would impress me more than a smart person droning on about something neither of us care about. A smart person who can summarize something that is normally written into an essay without missing the crucial information.

Officially not, but in old proverbs you can still notice them sometimes

Spanish has no cases, although it has functions which work simimlr like for example: pronoun TÚ = YOU, TE = TO YOU, TI = ALSO TO YOU or FOR YOU, but I can’t explain the difference. The same with YO, ME, MI, etc.

Have been spread throughout the entire world and on behalf us all…

India a satanic country with more than a billion p eg ople gave been raped by seiks and decendance of satanic people from persa, england, spain and all dort of inclean fowl from diverse places on planet earth, they been raping plundering killing stealing from the indiginous people for thousands of years, I know that indiginous people of india is 400,million or more how about reclaiming your land like the moizambiquian, angolan, and zimbabwean, Haitian, jamaican black people. stop bowing down to the deciples od satan.

I think it comes from language and speech being second nature, so actually breaking it down to a science is really alien for most of us, even if its our native language. I have a friend whose actually studying linguistics and she’ll occasionally post something from one of her assignments, and its borderline convoluted at times, but yet it somehow manages to make sense. Personally, that sort of duality bugs the hell out of me.

Kal>>gal>>gari. gri. gar. god>>ary. ari>>al.

Utilitarianism is the most commonly used LD Value

Short And Sweet. Thank You. Revatha Thero Diyapattugama


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