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Young thug said “im a username like who is he” he’s good, you don’t need to understand shite

Honestly I thought this would be boring but surprisingly no, it’s something I gotta say,


G8!! hahaha…

“but the child ran across the freeway at night which meant they broke the law first and in doing so placed me in a situation in which I needed to stop the car but was unable to”

Hello Liz,

Midnight by Sister Soulja

Anyone feels he has a huge head?

Can anyone please tell me what video was he talking about at the end of his speech? thankyou!

This was so interesting!

Why so many dislikes? It’s ment to be funny.

I had to turn the volume all the way down for this video

Personally I find him boring

He’s stupid and y’all stupid af too if you think there’s deeper meaning behind his “music”.

If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

Jared leto look-alike

At first, did you know, how many wastes you had produced while watching this video? How many wastes autor had produced while make this video? It’s all cost of electricity, that generated by these things:

From 2017 here, my name is also number one

Actually, Frodo is a hobbit but I see your point. Thanks, that was an encouraging video

It was really helpful, thanks alot

This woman is an absolute idiot!

Native European peoples.

Whoever posted this is a the smartest person alive srsly im righting a book thats 232 pages long and this song is like the best thing thats happened all day thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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