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Thank you for this video! its the clearest most concise explanation of existentialism I’ve heard. I wish I had this in college!

Omg again her face 5:14

This is very much the truth

I hav secured 320. Its showing 9-16 (300-340). But m 18..😂😂

Céline, Journey To The End Of The Night.

This makes my brain hurt…

P. S. If you really love reading, why would you want to do a ‘crash course’ in it? If you enjoy something why not take the time to savour it?

– Who will get it?


Thank you so much

This is unblievable that this type of situation is stil practice in this century, religious is evil, we are created by the Creator, this patetic.

the whole remains beautiful. A severed hand

I have one question….plzz someone help me…its urgent

Wubba lubba dub dub

I agree that people get way too carried away with language, but I don’t think Stephen Fry spends a whole lot of time reading youtube comments…. shit be cray.

Excellent Lecture, his tips can really help in writing a great research paper

Charlemagne such a douche. Hold this L.

Black Hole (Ho)

He’s a cunning linguist – but I bet Melania won’t let him do that.

I really very happy about this wonderful and useful lecture i swear i will visit you if i pass through UK big BOSS

I like that last bit that you guys did.

It doesn’t make any big difference from reading the information in a book 😊😣

Teach me like teaching a child


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