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What’s the use of making a video of the reality of life for the 1% of the 99%?

Also “Take 60 seconds to think if you feel annoyed or threatened.” What a way to dismiss all arguments that disagree with you as bigots. Seriously with this? You ask people to take a minute to think, but at the same time you’re dismissing all of the opinions that don’t line up with your own as bigotry. That’s not trying to learn, that’s trying to stick to your own masturbatory self-righteous beliefs.

# fourth second

Sir pls explain concept of revenue ch also

Failing the way we resort to virtuousness

Your forgot “Roots”. Classic

WTF where is Generals zero hour…u should be kidding!!

So many organisations focus on the financial rewards only and neglect the real human factor, the intrinsic motivators of individuals. If we can tap into these and create a communal environment, I imagine we’d see far happier people and far more successful, profitable organisations with thriving organisational culture.

Wheres econ 3

To many filler words, too many ums, distracting hand gestures, no back bone


AU and RU are anachronistic when applied to Bentham and Mill. Consequentialism has also been argued as anachronistic. It’s a 20th century term being applied to 19th century moral theory. It’s a misunderstanding at best and a misrepresention at worst. Even if it is true that Bentham is AU, Mill is certainly not. Mill is often argued to be RU.

This guy is so cute when he tries to be funny

This guy is blowing smoke up your ass. He teaches you methods to apply towards advancing your knowledge of a foreign language without letting you know how he learned to speak a foreign language.

We simply are no-one to chose who must dye. Just by considering the question, we are accepting that all morality is based on our self and our consciousness. We must believe in a third party and let it choose, because either we would never be brave and cold blooded enough to turn and kill one person, and no one could bear with 5 people´s death. We must locate was is good and bad in our intuitions, because then we don´t choose and we are certain it was the right decision, the one destiny had served.

ETH will rice because it’s created for the Elite to total controle us in the future. Mark off the beast.

By far the best ted talk ever!


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