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What you saw in the video above probably almost happened last year:

I agree with Nozick: wealth hoarding is completely just, IF it’s acquisition was legitimate. It’s not like “wealth” is a fixed amount of something that can only be re-distributed; new wealth can be CREATED by a) finding a way to save time b) harvesting resources in a sustainable manner c) adding value to harvested resources through invention and manufacturing.

Make me one with everything.

You are so cool im 12

U r rushing too much

Your English is amazing

Dragon’s Egg is a great book literally no one else I know has read

Bring it back! BRING IT BACK NOW!

When Sarah Palin becomes president, she will topple the current SATANIC regime with the POWER of GOD HERSELF and liberate the LAND OF ARYANS from the repression of Islam! She will drive Islam into EXTINCTION!

Fucking genius

So is it “people’s” pleasure? think you mean “men’s” pleasure.

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I guess the conclusion i’m reaching is not that the guy’s shirt was a problem. the shirt in itself hurts no one except those prone to victimizing themselves. the problem is not male consumption of female sexuality. that has always happened and will always happen so long as society remains free, as will the reverse. so what are we worried about? women being driven away from STEM by the perception that it is an old boys club? it certainly doesn’t affect women in school, who perform as well as if not better than men all the way through university now. in my own graduate office there are easily more women than men. perhaps that is the exception, but taking a look around my building i think not, although i am in the biological sciences and not math or physics. no, women leave STEM AFTER their graduate studies. the reason why is pretty self-evident. the post-graduate years are the end of prime baby-making time. STEM are generally highly competitive fields. employers want people they can trust to be productive virtually all the time. building a research program in academia requires a relatively constant stream of publications, new projects, new students, etc. women consistently state throughout their teenage and college years that they prefer more work-life balance than men do. raising a family rather than being wedded to a career. perhaps there are a handful of women who genuinely get snubbed for funding, professorships, etc. for no reason other than suspicion of future baby-making, when in reality they are as single-minded in their career pursuit as any man, but i find it hard to believe that is any kind of epidemic. and again, even if it were an epidemic, the issues would be well removed from a sexy shirt and would not even come close to justifying the disgusting character assassination on what would otherwise probably have been the proudest moment of that man’s life.


Our instinct to survive and succeed trumps all other notions of socialism.

Everyones like

Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

Thankfully there’s a revision opportunity! I’ll be making use of your pointers for that.

WTF IS UP WITH THE HIGH PITCH RINGING SOUND EVERY 30 SECONDS? It was effing annoying. Other than that he is an amazing Parrot and I love him.

Snpachat – xoseebxo

His fkin name is alex or griffin?


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