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I loved him! i wish that i had a teacher like him! he speaks so fast but u can catch every mean of his word 🙂 he is so talanted! with helping 4 minutes he gives me amazing informatsions about Demand and Supply 🙂 Thx so muchch 🙂

Can you please make a video on the distinction between economic profit/rent/surplus?

Can someone shoot over those stretches to fix your shoulders?

Perdón era más!!!!!!!!

I Would love to see a video about Descartes.

The smartest people I talk to are not the PhD physicists, but the real estate developers and Jewish surgeons.

It seems like we’re caught in a trap, that will destroy us if we don’t act to prevent it. It’s common knowledge that businesses use robotic automation to make products faster while spending less and earning more. Because of the business mindset that the more money you have, the more successful and powerful you are, automation is EXTREMELY appealing. Businesses want to get as much profit as possible, and instead of raising the cost of their products, they lower the cost to make said products. This can sometimes result in a lack of quality for that product, but it’s undeniable that the profit for that product will increase.

We’ve known each other for so long

My god adriene has such gorgeous eyes…and that ‘eek’ at 9:30 was so cute!!!!

They’ve got what they diserved. Enjoy your ayatollahs.

Why is charlamagama still working here? he so racist and unprofessional!

Nice one! Are you going to cover more European philosophers? I would like Descartes, Spinoza or Leibniz

Type of an invasion or population migration movement occurring into

Cool video!

I still thought this vidoe was awesome! Even though you were just experimenting with it!

What are these students saying as questions? the genocide comment? the 9/11 comment? the retard that thought he was being slick by waiting until one person dies of the 5 to save the others? The only question u should ask for the fat man situation is IS ANYONE GOING TO SEE ME PUSHING THE FAT MAN? Thats the only difference between the two situations. whether u are seen as complicit or not. fking cunts are so inadequate for “harvard”

Wooooo, beta!

I notice that this “linguist” says at 0.35 “when we hear Donald Trump speaks..” and at 1.20 “…the facts that” and then goes on to list one “fact”.


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