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Also, I get this feeling that the creators of the show will end it with Rick and Morty being the only two is alive, after the entire multi-verse has been destroyed. Rick and Morty will look out into the vast, empty, meaningless void, with Morty staring in shock, while Rick just enjoys his Szechuan Sauce.

Yeah, he’s annoying and an anti pedantic pedant.

Also, it’s so impressive that he can tell to he positions from sounds

Very nice vedio

Absoltelyyy useful and enaging. thaaanksss

THIS is why I am an information/instructional technologist that specializes in sustainability in education… I am apart of the change that will help improve the debit-heavy constrains of the old teaching ideologies of education….

I speak 11 language.. english and binary

It will be published as a novel one day, I promise you. For now, let it be an online book. sigh

It greatly saddens me that such thinking has become so popular and wide-spread in the West, it is an absolute shame.

Please tell me those walls aren’t final, and that they will act as towers with generated wall pieces in between…

Peoples shit

His sugar plumps voice sounds like the guy from despicable me

Kurdistan region is still talking Indu-europian language. What about the origin of Indo-European languages (Kurdish)? There still lives Kurdish people Assyrian Yazidi and Zerdeshti, Lorky, Ahle haq, Zaza, Ermeni, Hawrami, Sorani, Badini, Kurmançi…..?

Good video but guy speaks really fast

Or realy wait for propper reviews..while the general idea of a test weekend may sound nice..it would be rather damaging to the game with its current build imo..

You’re awesome

You talk too fast, no time to think about what you’re saying


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