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I never knew Foucault’s ideas were controversial with historians and such i studied archaeology and i’m happy to say that our teachers were quite alright with his ideas and some even tried to instill a love for his ideas or based their teaching philosophy on his ideas.

Its the best introduction which I ever have seen..

Https://youtu. be/kBdfcR-8hEY? t=17m31s that a blunt?

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A tear left my eye…

This video is kinda sad…knowing how blind people are

Cases are easy

Never ask a question to their question. You are a big person so you should know what kind of things they want to know about you. If you want to seriously Kick Butt in an interview please talk to me.

Digging the Chopin

I’m fluent in English

Anyone can draw but me…..

He seemed nervous. Mistakes in narration even after reading things and narrating. But good initiative, helpful one

The “fear of death” is not the enemy but death itself. We fear death because it is life that is our destiny, not death. We were made for life and life eternal. All that enslaves us now in this world is the result of death and all that corrupts this world is the result of death. Because sin (which separates us from Perfection – God) entered the world death was manifested, without sin death is vanquished and so too all that enslaves us. That is why Jesus Christ came to “free” us, He came to conquer sin and death that we may have eternal life. Not an eternal life of pain and suffering and loss and enslavement, but a life free of sin, free of death, free.

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…Poor Alex… hat a lonely life… Nights without a campanian… Birds needs campanianship… Not contact with other birds… Tuff life… No matter how organic and good that bird eat… It was lonely for him.. Prove: He had loss of feathers..Many times!

Thank you for your tips. I have a question.


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