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This is extremely my big dream….🐺

Let me say that God has no respect of Persons. Know this. Man tradition is the real cause of development of Division of all Humans. We all do the same thing as Humans. Love has no color religion or tradition. These people are treated like the Blacks all over because they are Black with Straight Hair. Know this They are Ancient Ethiopians so now you Learned something today. They are called Niggers.

Copy cat….

Works great imo… After 6 months I spoke enough French to change my shitty banque postale atm card to a “carte bleu” (debit card) all by myself at the bank, buy anything I needed in stores, book hotel rooms, even talk to girls enough to… well you know 😉 And obviously it improved from there. 🙂

I composed some Notes + Comments for episodes #1-20 in a Google Doc.

So sad


Actually it was a kind of cool video i guess

It’s frankly almost impossible for Marvle to shoot on film, no matter how much money they want to spend doing so. The labs that process film are almost all closed. It makes very little sense for any studio to shoot on film; the delays, cost, and headache are hardly worth an image that can be nearly perfectly replicated with a digital film camera and a good colorist. Sad to see film go, but those who cling to it really are fooling themselves (or just really like grain for some reason).

Long live you

Sir I have a problem..

This man is God’s gift to econ students! THANK YOU!

Gravity’s Rainbow?



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