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3:28 So u r promoting taylor swift huh

This guy speak like he is ran out of time.

I hate the way he talks. He says “uh” every bloody second.

Increased the GDP 😂

Ur voice so clear

Paradigms are your autopilot.

Awesome belt buckle though. AC/DC FTW.

4th Grade??? He sounds like a kid in nursery school…………4th grade is far to high…..his inauguration speech might have made it to grade 1!!!!!

Life as We Knew It is good I just finished it.

What price in did why that?

I have no idea how you came that analysis maybe try reading it without a bias

And yet whose to say what filters this video has. are these the vanguard? Communism is still very much within western academia. the fact that the gulag archipelago isn’t taught in school is evidence of that

Ive never read the book, so watching this i learned if you combine “book of eli” and “equilibrium” you get this book

I love your presentation. you simplified this so much for me, i’m so thankful. it was a headache trying to understand it on my own with these over-complicated textbooks. Thanks and keep em coming!!! can you do a presentation on Government policies ie. taxes, floors and ceilings, GDP.. that kind of stuff?

Look at the voting public. I think he may be a little too advanced for most of them still.

Consent Is Being Manufactured All Around You, All The Time

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,


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