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And finally for me, this question is not anything about merit and demerit good since it’s only ask if the government should subsidise to lower the food price, in this case the market failure is positive externality, not a merit good caused by lack of information

If somebody’s shirt makes you think twice about entering the field you’re passionate about, you’ve already lost.

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Is this real?

Hey Thomas,

I would say star wars empire at war is the number one with with StarCraft being number two

Thanks to EngVig for all the amazing tutorials. I really appreciate them and they came in very useful. Just saw my results and I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Halfway done with my paper already and this has actually helped me concentrate more than I usually do when writing about the various philosophies of art.

Can you please put the paragraph pyramid on Instagram or something please? 🙂 thanks much appreciated!

Love this. Showing it to my class tonight!

I am from Vorarlberg, the part of Austria where we speak an allemannic dialect similar to Swiss German. You can literally tell what village people grew up in. Other Austrians/Germans find it hard to understand.

So I’m Polish and we have 7 cases but it’s not as scary as you could think. There are only 3 tenses, past, present and future in Polish (compared to 12? in English). I always wondered about the English tenses I’ve never learnt about but from what I know they aren’t even used too often. In Polish we use all 3 all the time.

And those might be all of his books he has written – he has like what, a hundred?

Dont worry I was born and live in the south and that’s how we speak.. I am southern georgia

Pleaseeeee do a science video bc this video helped me so much! Your revision videos are the best💜

I wish I could take the courses taught by either one of these speakers. I also wish the video had followed into the faculty lounge.

Trump’s speech may be simple but two things are glaring to those of us who don’t have simple minds. His speech is simple but he says nothing, there is no tangible context. He speaks in vague terms and provides no specifics. The other thing he does frequently is lie, often times about things that no one gives a shit about but somehow are important to his ego. His statement about the size of his inaugural crowd or his electoral victory margin. He is good at communicating with the voters who want to hear a fairy tale and feel good. A good con man keeps it simple and plays on the fear greed and ignorance of his mark. He does not confuse them. The Democrats failed miserably at communicating out of their own arrogance and believing in the myth of the blue wall.

…in that strict observance of certain activities needs to be taken if they are to survive. Since the Pirahã seem to be very conscious about their surroundings (take Everett’s [2008] book title, ‘Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes’), xibipíío remains a very important element to their life.

Much easier to understand than our Prof. 🙂

I don’t really get this. You make it seem like just simply showing me someone on a screen is an example of ‘intertextuality’ but how else am I going to see them? How is showing Han Solo and Chewie enter the Falcon an example of deliberate intertextuality? If they are going to be in the story how else are you going to introduce them or reintroduce them without it being dissected like this? I feel like what you’re saying is ‘intertextuality’ at times is just what is necessary to move the story along.

YES YES AND YES thanks for making this video this helped me a lot I think I’m ready for the test tomorrow. Now I don’t have to worry anymore in 6th grade my teacher did not tell those things I guess it’s still the same way just like 5th grade. In 5th grade my teachers did it well I just wanted to know if anything had change because the teachers I have for reading they did not say anything about conclusion or reasoning. Anyway thanks for making this video and have a great afternoon.

Seriously, how do i get a thug notes shirt?


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