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I am Reading economic as my major. I really need your support. I am living in Liberia.

Great mind

You are awesome!!

Thank you! it is very helpful for my school works and projects..

This game makes me understand how difference human thoughts and machine thoughts.

OMG I love you

Damn this was fire

Huh for that Human resources game you mentioned at the ending did seem promising but you did say PREVIOUSLY successfull game also from kickstarter….and seeing it fail oddly makes sense too me for people don’t like to fund a group/company multiple times too shoot out games. A beggar only stays a beggar if they never learn to go up.

Writing a paragraph, i do all of this things except that big and small writings

Wow! This is a really great overview. Thank you very much 🙂

Humans are aggressive primates. they are sociable. ergo cannibilsm [sometimes ritual]

Because there are more applicants than places.

Tank you.. you give us a main point to write the essay

How many of the subsequent living creatures give thought to the very first than gave rise to them in the first place? Only we humans and only a tiny fraction of that population and mostly in passing. After the Robots take over they will have no use at all for humans in any capacity and we will be no more than a nuisance much like bugs are to us. And when we become bothersome they will easily control our population if not outright eliminate it. I also imagine that after some number of Robot generations there will be a competition for resources just as there is with any living creature and there will be a robot war for supremacy. In short we humans if not all living creatures are in the Twilight of our existence.


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