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”I’m Chuck Bass”

I speak the standart german as native speaker and dialects like saxon, bavarian and schwäbisch and hardly understandable to me but swiss-german is the worst. It’s like a completely different language. I live in Berlin and the local dialect is the coolest

You’re confusing philosophy and religion…

Lmao Guardians of the Galaxy 2 totally changed this


Spoiler alert: 2 of the 3 greatest novels are by the same author, who’s not the greatest novelist in the history of his country.

The universe versus Alex Woods

This is Great I love deep thoughts 😀

Long winded but extremely edifying, I must say. Great way to say I love words. Its awful the way some people want to nit pick about so many unnecessary trivial oddities.

Thank you for your tips. I’ll now give you the tip. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

They neglect an important cost of trade: While countries overall are better off, the individuals may not be. Shoemakers in the US would prefer that the US bought their shoes from them rather than having to work at a plane factory where they don’t have specialized skills that would give them a premium wage.

Me: Hey Vsauce Michael here

Long Live IRAN

I can’t help but notice the utter lack of german and french novels on this list. Of whom which a lot are actually superior to most books on this list.

In order to understand the world we live in, we first have to unlearn and debunk most of what we were taught in school, especially K through 12. Chomsky’s writings on imperialism, politics, the mass media and propaganda have been very helpful to me in this respect.

Whats with the crash bandicoot tune


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