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My dream is to go to mit and becone an engineer but not the bad kind i want to nake reusboe materials, solar/ battery powered vechiles for land space and sea i wabt to expand human life to other planets not to leach planets but to buuld new homes that stand green. planets with no fyel buring no eco destruction i want to create a world reborn i have the ideas i know how to work them i do not have the resources but i will do what i need to to get them i will make this change

Good work!!!!

That is an awesome presentation thanks so much you making economics fun

Yeah money was kind of stupid to be invented. Trade is WAY more logical

If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.

My writing needs improvement.

However, Buddha found what is known as the universal truth. To find this the Buddha had to undergo very hard times for a period of six years. He went through the process of self indulgence and found that it was not possible to attain Nibbana. Then he went through the process of self mortification which is giving the body enormous suffering. But through these two extremes he could not achieve what is known as the enlightenment. Finally to was successful when he went through the process of the Middle Path. This is consisting of Eight noble states of the “mind”. So through this state of mind he achieved the enlightenment. You have to understand that although I state here in a very easy manner Buddha’s finding had been very advanced and not that easy to understand. However, what he achieved was deep study and analysis of the human mind. This state was called the enlightenment. Through this process any human being could achieve this state where there is a neutral condition of the human mind. I should stress here further that his teachings has shown that the universe is unending and infinite. Likewise our human mind has no starting point and ending point unless you come to the state of NIBBANA. He found that everything in this universe is covered by three truths. First one is “Anichcha”.Which says that everything in the universe whether it is a life or a another material thing is subject to continuous change. This change causes the human mind to achieve sadness. This is called “Dukka”.The third condition is known as “Anathma”.This clearly states that the change obscured cannot be reinstated. Just like you cannot bring back the already gone yesterday to today.

Always look forward to watching your videos. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you

This video will be so helpful! My Twitter is @squashabae 🙂

You guys are better at teaching than my teacher at school

@OriginalLifeActx I’d vote for him.

Sir your all vedios r very good and your explanation method is very simple and excellent

The problem with conspiracy is that (albeit it is for the most part true), it DOESNT HELP. It just gets you depressed is all.

Great video thanks


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