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My handwriting changes every day😂😂😂

What a trash of video!

When did all the libtards get here in the comments?

Ritalin! *dsk dsk dsk… bye!

30 people are teenagers…

If they were at all self aware, they would give that fact some real consideration!

What’s your problem with architects? Lol

Whatever the four do that involves consent, the jury would be wise to consider the circumstances and not be too hard on them. Guilt, moral or legal, is one thing and punishment is another. None of us really knows what we would do in that situation and there are times when society demands our best behavior and times when our actions under duress must be taken in to consideration. The jury should be compassionate and merciful.


Involving much torture, castration and gruesome experiments,

If you increase the contrast, it’s gonna start looking like a music video. The more contrast, the more it’s strainful. The colour grading that they use is soothing and looks good too. Just my opinion.

Https://youtu. be/pTMgH5osU6Y

I want to use a quote every time i write i feel like an idiot

Didi pls Indian English bolo. American nhi..


If the vision of student is sending emails and reading facebook profiles or surfing irrelevent webpages then we indeed are doomed.


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