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Fuck Ben kingsley and his blackface make up

Hello darkness, my old friend..

For the last one you did (Zero Preservation Initiative) try this,

Are you kidding me?! I have a disdain for him due to a whole set of reasons, not because he’s an atheist. Jeez.

Consensual reality remains the same in all respects, ONLY queerness is suddenly added to everything,

It’s just sad that problems are created by some God that are totally irrelevant to our lives but we have to deal with them in order to graduate

Got My Exam on Monday!!

I’m hardly ignorant, the time frame regarding development is irrelevant. I think from my comments it was clear that my problem with iOS on iPad is not the interface. It’s everything else that goes along with it. Since you know so much about apple you might remember the claim that iPhone ran true OSX. It’s a real blight on consumers that that was never truly the case.

Please watch over…

1. the world=dünya

You are just brilliant, thank you.

Very good

Beethoven got mad skills.

T’um ul, means while setting/putting me down

It seems a strange endeavour to reprocess all literature and data about disappeared ancient peoples,

Please help me get a hundred on my unit test in science tomorrow. Did I mention you’re the best composer ever to breathe in this universe?

@mine1224 — hey, really glad this worked for you. Good luck!

Experienced trainman – if you knew that derailment was a virtual certainty


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