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That´ll learn those gramophonephobics!

It means my mental age is equal to my original age

I know how to change the lighting and contrast in photoshop with a still photo but how do you do it on a moving picture that seems hard


Sir you are great and pliz keep on hepling us

Basically how the world works is a mystery, we think we have free will but we don’t everything we know do and discover is on the watchful eye of nature, God or laws basically the world will never end until it chooses to. Because I think the world is more like a rigged system or program that is rigged for life and survival because no matter how many wars we fight what we kill or what we do the world mysteriously finds a way to keep things on an equilibrium, it somehow finds a way to keep things calm and going, it’s why nature created water, bees, humans, predators wolves and sheep, basically every animal and every life on Earth is created to balance things out, nature created humans to fix problems and regulate things differently, we might think we have free will but we don’t really have free will it’s just nature playing a perfect game, a leader might wake up in the morning and decide to attack another country thinking it’s his decision but in reality he was sent to do it by nature itself for certain reasons only nature understands, it’s the same reason we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world but something just stops us from doing so and we don’t know what that is, or why can’t terrorist get a hand on a nuclear bomb that can destroy a country or the world at once cheaply, why can’t nuclear bombs fit on a palm, and if ever we reach a technology that can fit nuclear bombs on a palm there will be a technology that can render it unusable, nature always balances itself there’s a lot about nature that is unknown And science is just a manifestation of God and the Unknown.

I’m not listening to this to study

Germans have such a beautiful culture. very disciplined and civilized. very industrious

2:28 If you wish to make a pizza from scratch, you must first invent a universe.

Wow! 😔

Really needed to hear this before a big job interview tomorrow morning. Thanks so much!

Oldschool eminem!

– Fuel: Emotion that are controlling you. (When we face death, we start to live.)

Dont worry about population just make sure you got enough dehydrated food stored before oil runs out. Nature will take care of the rest. no oil – no fertiliser – no food.


Your lecture is amazing and energetic. I really like your teaching method and your body language which made me to watch and listen to it several times.

1920s: 4

I think that would be awesome!

What about arab language?

G. Either way, we can’t precisely know what each of us would’ve done in that situation.. we like to say we know, but we don’t really. However, what we do know, is human nature, and it’s always the same(given the right circumstances) and we know that we as people all act the same and would create the exact same outcome of one another if we could swap lives(genes+environmental factors..)

Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels

Bring back kikstartr I’ll donat


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