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He’s engaged every student! Amazing


MR. Clifford the ECON PLUG!! Thanks My Guy!!!

What is good for the whole is not always good for the individuals. People are selfish.

Haha when the clips sound like they’re talking to him. Amazing

Standard German: Ich werde dieses Buch heute kaufen [ʔɪç vɛɐ̯də diːzəs buːx hɔʏ̯tʰə kʰaʊ̯fən]

Awesome video.

If you haven’t watch part ii, you need to do now. Then write an outline of the lit review. You can also go to Google and type in “lit review samples” or models. You will find 100s. Pick one close to the field you’re in and follow it as a model.

The all seeing eye

3:23 Nick Drake😀😀

I’m surprised that The Lord of the Flies isn’t on here.

Couldn’t the value of translation not be only arcos(1/3) but any unending constant value?

Amazing directing

Long before what has become a current vogue in rethinking psychoanalytic

“literature is the greatest reality simulator” have you ever heard of video games?

Imagine if the world we live in were a simulation, and we did something to affect the world that houses our simulation; that would be a giant middle finger to our creators and it would, in a sense, be proof that we do exist.

Sir I want to thank you for your free courses and your website. I’ve learnt a lot from you. You’re right that ‘economics’ will affect the way you think (about the world.) For example ‘opportunity costs’… It’s one of the first lessons (call it ‘the basics’), but there are a lot of (working class) people that don’t use it in their daily life…


Can you make a video On Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and his philosophy??

That’s funny 🙂

The letter ghain in arabic = the sound from #4

3) .

Could some help me out to quote this video in APA format? In-text citation.

Who is the lady in green dress 4:30 ???


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