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Frodo’s a hobbit you donk.

5. Link to other part of play/novel

If you pay somebody enough money and give them an accent tutor, they can say anything.

They said brazil hu3hu3hu3 cade os brs

When being a man has become irrelevant and meaningless?

That one line of French is what got me man

Maybe the tone of the movies is calculated to go from what’s happening in the past to what’s happening now and then when the movies later on in the storyline go with deeper more vibrant colors to give the movies a sense of being progressively more significant. Also it might be the film makers are/were gun-shy of the stigma of “comic books are for kids” so they’re doing everything they can to make it not cartoonish and vibrant but to be more “realistic” to draw a audience that is skeptical of a movie based on a comic book.

2019 in a nutshell.

Well.. I’m fucked

Good video i have learnt something!

Great job, will there be a part 2?

Wrong your lying you are lying believe me

It might have been nice if I knew about this before. I had to work out Existentialism myself, from scratch. Although, it did feel nice to be really sure of what I believed in, because I thought it through myself, rather than be told about it, and just say: ‘Hmm… That looks good enough; I’ll adopt that.’

Are people free to sell themselves into slavery?

Screaming internally while smiling on the outside

Thanks Ms Niharika.. I like your teaching patience 💐

Not thinking about it is really not an option if you want to live a content or even purposeful life. Those who believe everything is meaningless can’t possibly have a happy life. I’m sure plenty of you people disagree and even feel a little indignant that I would suggest such a thing, but simply developing a coping mechanism to hide the underlying unhappiness of your world-view isn’t living a happy or content life. It’s pretending something isn’t bothering you, pretending that it isn’t there, lurking on the other side of your conscious attempt to build a wall around your deepest fears. You’re moving through life creating your own “meaning” and telling yourself, well, that it means something. It’s still meaningless.

Maybe the Szechuan Sauce is a metaphor for happiness. Like, a time when Rick was content with life.

I love your videos! you are so awesome

Alright, this list is only about books written in English!!! Can you make the real list with Kafka, Proust, Mann, Kundera, Musil,…?

• Research Design

Really good


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