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I have no problems with anything he did. Although this fake news is not factually accurate or in context. For example, we were at war with the “japs”. The japs were slaughtering and enslaving all non-“japs”. WW2 was a race war, and we didn’t start it. In that context, the complete extermination of the Japanese race was a good cause. Only faggy libtard surrender monkeys and traitors, who also belong ion “internment camps”, even dare speak against it.

It’s a gentle reminder that: the moody shop assistant who served you, the girl with a ‘resting bitch face’ in the street, or even a seemingly jolly older man that you meet, may be going through such struggles that only they can fully understand. And that is why you should never judge a book by its cover, and show compassion.

Cramming hours before… lol

While I can agree that he makes some great points (the buddy formula is great training), he’s disregarding quite a few problems. A lot of sounds are language specific and not reproducable by stringing together familiar sounds. There is no equivalent to /θ/ (English “th”) in German (unless you have a lisp), you’ll be hard-pressed to find /ħ/ in most languages other than in, for example, Semitic ones, and there’s a reason why Koreans would struggle with an Italian word like. Also, while I understand that it can be helpful to disregard foreign alphabets, especially ones that are arguably more complex, like Kanji (Sino-Japanese signs that often have, other than Chinese Hanzi, half a dozen ways to pronounce ’em, hence the enormous learning curve even for natives) , you put yourself at a disadvantage by basically becoming an illiterate, unable to navigate a subway, just because you don’t know the difference between 入 and 出. Speaking is fantastic (and the best start), but not being able to decipher what flavor your noodle stew has is bad. 😀 Generally speaking though, he’s giving some very decent advice, and I can’t argue too much with his quite impressive abilities. ^_^

One of the amazing speech which i’d ever heard of!

Sir apki sari video best h

Wasnt what he said abt fair return at around 19:16 wrong??

Yeah i’ve always VERY ESPECIALLY noticed this with the battle of new york in Avengers

The novel follows the two main characters who meet and fall in love amidst the end of the world. And although it may sound cheesy at first, it actually isn’t. The symbolism and parallelism that the book addresses is, I believe, on par with Fahrenheit 451.

The nails sound…aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Texas represent!!

Bjp assholes….language hegemony will not solve real issues…. sanskrit language jise achi lage voh sikhe… jise nai voh na sikhe….

Jacob talks a bit fast

You’d better wake up. Young people had better wake up, and start seeing themselves AS A PEOPLE. And beware of LOUD talkers. HINT.

I think the schezuan sauce thing makes all of you fans look like mindless sheep. lol trying to bring back the sauce because Rick says to. I think he’s trying to teach us not to be mindless sheep but everyone keeps jerking off to hard

I made it 47 seconds into this video and the host is so annoying I had to stop watching.


Some people seem to think most people think that depression is a mental illness and that we should keep it to ourselves outof shame.

Excellent content with interesting lecture delivery.

The earth n what ever it is inside..are created for human to live!!!! so…. u liked it or not we do it for living!


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