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Reda Daniel Kaneman-Thinking fast-Slow

Is Erick the guy from the Voice Talkers video???????

She’s actually quite annoying to listen to..and then after all of that, she didn’t even really say anything. :/

He said, “Hell no.” =).

What about of mice and men, i love the book and film :3

Why is the deadweight loss for consumers just that triangle and not the triangle + the supernormal profit box next to it?

This video really helps me! Thanks

Thank you! This was so clear.

Dayum, a BYCYCLE. in my country a used bicycle costs almost nothing at all (30 euros), but for these people in africa, a bicycle is such a huge deal.

This is wonderful. Also got linked to this from reddit xD

India is a bigger economy than Russia!

All great here comes the dc fanboys going to jump marvel with this issue. what a bunch of sheep

EDIT: I just want to die

Thank you very much sir, I found this Video very useful and thanks for bringing such a useful videos for us

Granth shaib pg 487 call KABIR family lowly…A weaver from a lowly family, he became an ocean of excellence. ||1

You should make a harry potter one

I bet a lot of people didn’t notice the glue on the desk. Pretty dark Grey.

Too true

Hey, you make some of the best videos on YouTube. Keep it up man, can’t wait for the next one!

2:27 Peele is trying to hold back his laughter

Vanessa Van Edwards: you are very sweet and cute, I love your smile. (no flirting intended).

So Evolution isn’t merely some theory people pick up from a textbook;

Medical researchers’ focus on homosexuality,


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