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Great episode really helped me with me school work well this and papa roach BEST BAND EVER!

Op, found it

I cant thank you enough for your help 🙂

Talking about automation… This video was made by an artificial inteligence.

To all the people complaining about Hungarian missing. Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian are not Indo-European. You are Finno-Ugric/Uralic peoples from North Siberia.

My essay is about wearing masks as a metaphor is there a arguement about this

I love how most of the books on the reading list are by INFPs

“and you rich people listening to me, what do you have to say about your wealth?”

Thank you for getting me through college!!

@kramnodd9 I forgot “get”

Midnight children not at all??…And btw:fu*k off, harry potter

Instant attention grabber…..

These students are total morons. I thought Harvard was supposed to be for the smart people.

“Believe me, he’s going to fuck over the hard working Americans and line his pockets with our money”, he’s completely out of touch.

Very useful but too fast…

Guys, pls hepl me, i don’t heard clear what he said about expression who called “clump in junction”? Or what correct name?:( For me – it’s very interesting video i totally like theme and speaker

It’s so good to read those comments below how people all over the world are not happy about the untouchable stuff but wonder why India is lacking behind why so late? All are same, eat n shit from same way, blood color same, born the same way but still why so racist? Be human

Mb this bird is smart, but he looks really unhealthy and uncomfortable. i don’t like that. he seems to be lonely because for me it appears that he is yanking out his feathers.

Could you explain why the second diagram is inelastic? I calculated the Elastic Demand of it and the result was -.11818 = 1.1818


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