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Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

I see nothing in Christianity to contradict ‘xibipiio’. A fundamental teaching of the faith is the kingdom of God breaking into an earthly reality now. All can begin to experience heaven now! ‘Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Everett’s theological understanding is clearly limited.

Get your popcorn here to enjoy reading the comments of bookreading hipster anoyed because their favourite novels did not make it to this list. Adding up, It saddens me that Guliver’s Travels is not in this list.


Jordan B. Peterson is the best man out there today who’s attempting to work out the importance of myths. Super intriguing.

You do what you need to do girl, whatever is best for you it will all come in good time

Bless your soul omfg

This was very helpful out of all video here that explain expository this the one the explain very well I’am not good at English at all.

I got rickrolled from a comment on pbg lol

Hope I do good in the Toefl and GRE exam….and english is not my first language.

Who else is watching in 2017?

You are so hilarious queen.

Thank you for those courses, I’ve remarked that you use sometimes resort to buying and at the end resort to buy. It will be kind of you if you show me the difference.

Anyone else REWATCHING this in 2017

Thank you for this video. You helped me take weeks of being confused and made it simple to understand.

Pls ad some kind of fleet

Feel al sleep listing to this last night after i sleep i was sleeping hard as a rock

Mannnn I love it when everyone and I turn up to this at the club!

At what point do we realize nationhood actually hinders overall human progress and prosperity?

Es impresionante ver cómo lograron relacionar todos los componentes de las lecturas de una manera tan fluida en su investigación, que además mostraba resultados que podemos evidenciar casi que día a día en nuestro contexto de Bogotá Colombia. Cómo funcionan esas jerarquizaciones entre los miembros de una comunidad educativa y como se puede recaer en estereotipos debido a aspectos superficiales como el habla y los estudiantes se ven juzgados de manera incorrecta debido a estas pequeñeces.

DOOM getting recognition


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