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Minute mark 4:40-45: reference to number of Buddhists in the world. 1 1/2 billion seems way too high an estimate based on statistics found at countless other resources. around 1/2 a billion worldwide is more in-line with these other stats.

Fly away and be free you majestic insect!

Does this work for people who got claustrofobhia?

I don’t know what would I do without ACDC!

Can u plzzz send me notes on the price system and the microeconomy

As a scam artist she is in the same league as Maddoff and even Ponzi himself. Her ideas are a set of mostly internally consistent ideas that bear not relation to reality at all, mixed with a good measure of incomprehensibility to add some pseudo-authority. Her self indulgent naval gazing is the sign of a decadent society in decline.

Can i tell you something funny but real

The most scary and best horror movie I ever saw Lmao…

Hi Liz. Any chance of writing FOR1 idea more THEN “1” example?? Please advise. The Body paragraph with 1 one idea cannot cover more then 50 – 60 words

Freaky animations. I enjoyed it. The word I was looking for, was terrifying, actually.

Stronghold Crusader?!?!?!?

World in Conflict.

Like okay hurry up lol but in the contrary I would trade the south for the north any day!!! I live southern culture and the morality that’s still instilled within each person…. whereas in the north, everyone feels like they are smart and entitled and if your in a burning car nobody is pulling over to help

Messy handwriting – Scientist or doctor.

Have I heard fully-automated luxury space gay communism?

I have been a grammar nazi for some years. I can now safely say that I am reformed. Somewhat.

On the 4 or fewer you can add them to eliminate the zeros

You’ve just summed up 40 pages of the Macroeconomics book I bought. That was amazing!

That was a beautiful talk!!!

The last commission Jesus gave to His disciples before He left this earth ” was to take the gospel to the world, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you, ( Jesus’s teachings ) and low I will be with you always til the end of the age Please become a Christian today as we have no guarantees for tomorrow. James 4:6, I Peter 5:5. ” God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. If you can surrender your life to Christ with a humble penitent heart, He will hear you and take your life. The literal indwelling of the Holy Spirit will be the evidence of this.



What about Cossacks 1 or 3? (I dont like Cossacks 2)

Someone’s paying her$ Believe me!

Thnx a lot Mr. Clifford

This Merafucker talks about morals while his over paid, over educated ass takes all these young peoples money. Does he have any lectures on ethics? College itself is immoral. You have to pay the elite to get a certificate to get to make money off of the poor, mentally challenged, and overall weak people in society. On a side note if I was born in Nazi Germany and conditioned over time, I’d probably eventually just want to rest my legs after murdering Jews all day without losing sleep.

@Icannottolerateit “You are asking me to do something that is an exact equivalent of proving the existence of colors to a man born blind.”

Dear Liz. I am a beginner to Ielts learning. your videos are out standing and it helps Ke a lot to correct myself. keep posting and hopefully end of this year I’ll appear for test. once again thank you so much for these awesome ideas

Wow AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Products, services, markets, entertainment, technology = good to be capitalist

In the 100 years since*

What do you think of Paul Dano playing a young Brian Wilson and John Cusack playing an older Brian Wilson, in the same film?

What are those Mr. Robson

“I hope I shall not offend you, if I state quite frankly and openly, that you seem to me to be, in every way, the visible personification of absolute perfection.” – Oscar Wilde

Wal-Mart has spent a lot of money and time making sure that consumers don’t have any other choice. Especially for lower middle class and others below that level of income.

Women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!


Bellissimo. ….toccante….



Looks like mine is unique

“This game is very experimental to me”

Solo un obtuso puede ver que mas alla del humor la igualdad nada tiene que ver con eso y probablemente usen este video para legitimar opiniones racistas, machistas y homofobas…


In other words, he’s a total moron.

Ur usless

Am I the only who thinks this guy looks like Dennis from Always Sunny?

Que buen juego!! Pd: sube dark echo white mode!!

You advice was very helpful.

She can’t even pronounce her name correctly 😛

But calling Butler’s concept of performativity ‘banal’ is really underestimating the creepy,

Por que nadie en Latinoamerica tiene la misma mente abierta de este investigador? Dinero? noooo…… es una cuestion de mentalidad…. aqui seguimos con forma de pensar tan del siglo XIX. Ojala esto cambie algun dia…

Favourite quote: their is nothing good nor bad only thinking makes it so ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The city of ember

Hey you crazy liberals; Dr. Seuss was was one of you liberal Democrats and a supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal. That is a FACT! LOL deal with it!


Too general

Can u pl. start a video regarding how to start a speech, how to end the speech?

You don’t get it. They do this to make 3d movies frendly. 3D movies takes the colors out. The lents dark the colors. So they took the color out from 2d so people wont fell much diference.



I have no problems with anything he did. Although this fake news is not factually accurate or in context. For example, we were at war with the “japs”. The japs were slaughtering and enslaving all non-“japs”. WW2 was a race war, and we didn’t start it. In that context, the complete extermination of the Japanese race was a good cause. Only faggy libtard surrender monkeys and traitors, who also belong ion “internment camps”, even dare speak against it.

It’s a gentle reminder that: the moody shop assistant who served you, the girl with a ‘resting bitch face’ in the street, or even a seemingly jolly older man that you meet, may be going through such struggles that only they can fully understand. And that is why you should never judge a book by its cover, and show compassion.

Cramming hours before… lol

While I can agree that he makes some great points (the buddy formula is great training), he’s disregarding quite a few problems. A lot of sounds are language specific and not reproducable by stringing together familiar sounds. There is no equivalent to /θ/ (English “th”) in German (unless you have a lisp), you’ll be hard-pressed to find /ħ/ in most languages other than in, for example, Semitic ones, and there’s a reason why Koreans would struggle with an Italian word like. Also, while I understand that it can be helpful to disregard foreign alphabets, especially ones that are arguably more complex, like Kanji (Sino-Japanese signs that often have, other than Chinese Hanzi, half a dozen ways to pronounce ’em, hence the enormous learning curve even for natives) , you put yourself at a disadvantage by basically becoming an illiterate, unable to navigate a subway, just because you don’t know the difference between 入 and 出. Speaking is fantastic (and the best start), but not being able to decipher what flavor your noodle stew has is bad. 😀 Generally speaking though, he’s giving some very decent advice, and I can’t argue too much with his quite impressive abilities. ^_^

One of the amazing speech which i’d ever heard of!

Sir apki sari video best h

Wasnt what he said abt fair return at around 19:16 wrong??

Yeah i’ve always VERY ESPECIALLY noticed this with the battle of new york in Avengers

The novel follows the two main characters who meet and fall in love amidst the end of the world. And although it may sound cheesy at first, it actually isn’t. The symbolism and parallelism that the book addresses is, I believe, on par with Fahrenheit 451.

The nails sound…aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Texas represent!!

Bjp assholes….language hegemony will not solve real issues…. sanskrit language jise achi lage voh sikhe… jise nai voh na sikhe….

Jacob talks a bit fast

You’d better wake up. Young people had better wake up, and start seeing themselves AS A PEOPLE. And beware of LOUD talkers. HINT.

I think the schezuan sauce thing makes all of you fans look like mindless sheep. lol trying to bring back the sauce because Rick says to. I think he’s trying to teach us not to be mindless sheep but everyone keeps jerking off to hard

I made it 47 seconds into this video and the host is so annoying I had to stop watching.


Some people seem to think most people think that depression is a mental illness and that we should keep it to ourselves outof shame.

Excellent content with interesting lecture delivery.

The earth n what ever it is inside..are created for human to live!!!! so…. u liked it or not we do it for living!




Anglo saxon=an gal saex (color. saka. scytian)son (desendants).

First test i took i scored a 72 which is almost a 5, I took another after I watched this video which I knew most of the graphs here but the few ones I didn’t know helped me get a 77 on my second test which is a 5. thanks bro I owe you

Multi-track drifting

The Alien you drew has got to be the cutest Alien ever x3

Age of empires 2 is the best one

Listen closely at 9:13

In fact it was a conspiracy against Mohammad mosadegh because of his plan for nationalizing the oil of iran, by western countries and it’s agents and it was not a protest by people of Iran, Dr mosadegh was really a Honorable man and had no relation with communists and others and he always was thinking about Iran and it’s people

Snapchat – leah_jonesyx this is so helpful!

This video was very well delivered. I applaud your clarity. Now I know with absolute certainty that “existentialism” is completely and totally wrong. I wasn’t sure till now. Thanks.

Jpiwlrlrrrrrrrrr. j.

Everyone bitching about price, it’s gonna be $40 when it comes out.

No offence, i find it unfair

The only thing people retain is the beginning and end of an essay. Yet it is a useless skill forced on us by our educations system. You know what would impress me more than a smart person droning on about something neither of us care about. A smart person who can summarize something that is normally written into an essay without missing the crucial information.

Officially not, but in old proverbs you can still notice them sometimes

Spanish has no cases, although it has functions which work simimlr like for example: pronoun TÚ = YOU, TE = TO YOU, TI = ALSO TO YOU or FOR YOU, but I can’t explain the difference. The same with YO, ME, MI, etc.

Have been spread throughout the entire world and on behalf us all…

India a satanic country with more than a billion p eg ople gave been raped by seiks and decendance of satanic people from persa, england, spain and all dort of inclean fowl from diverse places on planet earth, they been raping plundering killing stealing from the indiginous people for thousands of years, I know that indiginous people of india is 400,million or more how about reclaiming your land like the moizambiquian, angolan, and zimbabwean, Haitian, jamaican black people. stop bowing down to the deciples od satan.

I think it comes from language and speech being second nature, so actually breaking it down to a science is really alien for most of us, even if its our native language. I have a friend whose actually studying linguistics and she’ll occasionally post something from one of her assignments, and its borderline convoluted at times, but yet it somehow manages to make sense. Personally, that sort of duality bugs the hell out of me.

Kal>>gal>>gari. gri. gar. god>>ary. ari>>al.

Utilitarianism is the most commonly used LD Value

Short And Sweet. Thank You. Revatha Thero Diyapattugama



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3:28 So u r promoting taylor swift huh

This guy speak like he is ran out of time.

I hate the way he talks. He says “uh” every bloody second.

Increased the GDP 😂

Ur voice so clear

Paradigms are your autopilot.

Awesome belt buckle though. AC/DC FTW.

4th Grade??? He sounds like a kid in nursery school…………4th grade is far to high…..his inauguration speech might have made it to grade 1!!!!!

Life as We Knew It is good I just finished it.

What price in did why that?

I have no idea how you came that analysis maybe try reading it without a bias

And yet whose to say what filters this video has. are these the vanguard? Communism is still very much within western academia. the fact that the gulag archipelago isn’t taught in school is evidence of that

Ive never read the book, so watching this i learned if you combine “book of eli” and “equilibrium” you get this book

I love your presentation. you simplified this so much for me, i’m so thankful. it was a headache trying to understand it on my own with these over-complicated textbooks. Thanks and keep em coming!!! can you do a presentation on Government policies ie. taxes, floors and ceilings, GDP.. that kind of stuff?

Look at the voting public. I think he may be a little too advanced for most of them still.

Consent Is Being Manufactured All Around You, All The Time

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,



Hi could you send Unit 1 and 2 notes to me plz

This is amazing, Thank you for making it.

Welp there goes my brain

India and Nepal did not exist yet. The King Suddhodana’s kingdom was called Kosala.

For your information, we don’t use passive voice in good scientific writing either.

I trust this guy because he has a beard.

How does Khan know every subject?? lol

Lol nothing wrong with the southern accent

Hehe.. heisenberg.. math dealer


Genius dude

Ty for all

You are doing a great job. God bless you!



This sucks so fudgeing bad

NOW the WHELL(trohos)

I concur, but why do they have to be related? We’re discussing the possibility that humanity began with 2 individuals. Why would our creator create a species of hominid and force it to commit incest in order to continue the species, potentially destroying the DNA structure of generations to come. After considering the above, I would say it’s highly unlikely that they would have been related.

I think that the limited availability to the market of Pizzamas merchandise is not helping the USD. Am I right?

My students enjoyed watching today at half speed. Because you talk so fast. And it was more entertaining. Thanks YouTube (& Mr. Clifford)!

3:17 Not puella is the form without inflection, puell is it. The a is the ending for nominative

Why were so many people staring at the Mexican buying the American’s shirt 6:18

When I clicked on the link to go to amazon, funnily enough in the suggestions were several of the books that he listed….:)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015

Very cool concept. excellent video.

The problem i see with the idea of global empathy is that i think a sense of belonging and unity requires an ‘other’ to contrast against. blood ties, tribes, religions, and nation states all have this, they are able to define themselves by contrasting themselves against those who fall outside of their group. i don’t know if the idea of global empathy has that. it’s a psychological problem, but i think it’s a very great and very real one.

Public that voted for him, believes what ever he says is sincere, honest and true. In essence, he is using this plain talking regular guy character to gain the trust of voters and supporters, and keep that trust and loyalty. Trump is “dumb like a fox”.

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So I’m trying to find out, does anyone know if the interviews are real life video interviews? Or are they actors?

Typical college symbolic teacher: What do you think the curtains mean?

Free the Domba! Cremate your own fathers!

Has Brusspup been a girl this whole time?

Spam 0 on your keyboard lmao

When you are assigned a gender at a young age, you notice ‘boys’ act like this, and ‘girls’ act like that. If we didn’t describe people by gender, and didn’t dress people as if they belonged to a gender, most children would not recognise a divide between the sexes. They would not only play with boys or only play with girls, they would more accurately display the characteristics they felt comfortable displaying. By identifying the divide, we accentuate it in our children.

This is my teacher



:\ i went with the greater income.

The guy in the hat took the bait

Utilitarianism is krap.

She doesn’t know how to dress.

I’m doing Macbeth, and Jane Eyre

My teacher told me that Title is a must in Article and Summary. And also he told that we have to use idioms? Please clear my confusion!

“Yer a wizerd herry” my fave tbh

This guy talks the same way that foreigners leave comments on YouTube. Poor guy.

I would recommend a video on the Egyptian God Thoth and the Emerald Tablets

And another hidden symbolic message, the author believes God is Alien.

@kramnodd9 I forgot “get”

You lost me

That fishing thing😂 thank you for your help 🌷 however it is like you’re forced to do this video 😐 I mean you were kind of tired 😴 I suggest you to put more enthusiasm and energy into your videos 😅 thanks again ❤

I’d love to see you do a video on “Journey to the West” and how it influences and is influenced by Asian mythology.

Why the fuck do you call under 18s “children”?! A child is a human being who hasn’t reached puberty yet. All this does is say how dumb society is.

The man Tony Robbins talks about at the end that said 9/11 was retribution was Asad Rezzvi and he did his own TED talk. You can look it up.

Thank u

That white dude is fucking dumb, he’s not evolving anything he’s just fucking mumbling

Glad it helped! Best of luck to you.

I am so screwed…..

Thank you, great help!

This video really gave me a purpose and confidence to press on.



Young thug said “im a username like who is he” he’s good, you don’t need to understand shite

Honestly I thought this would be boring but surprisingly no, it’s something I gotta say,


G8!! hahaha…

“but the child ran across the freeway at night which meant they broke the law first and in doing so placed me in a situation in which I needed to stop the car but was unable to”

Hello Liz,

Midnight by Sister Soulja

Anyone feels he has a huge head?

Can anyone please tell me what video was he talking about at the end of his speech? thankyou!

This was so interesting!

Why so many dislikes? It’s ment to be funny.

I had to turn the volume all the way down for this video

Personally I find him boring

He’s stupid and y’all stupid af too if you think there’s deeper meaning behind his “music”.

If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

Jared leto look-alike

At first, did you know, how many wastes you had produced while watching this video? How many wastes autor had produced while make this video? It’s all cost of electricity, that generated by these things:

From 2017 here, my name is also number one

Actually, Frodo is a hobbit but I see your point. Thanks, that was an encouraging video

It was really helpful, thanks alot

This woman is an absolute idiot!

Native European peoples.

Whoever posted this is a the smartest person alive srsly im righting a book thats 232 pages long and this song is like the best thing thats happened all day thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!