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Thank you so much…it will help me to my report this coming Thursday…

SOOOOO many goosebumps when the music cut and he said “and only together, can we make it to the fourth. second.” THIS MAN IS A LEGEND

Hey there,

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”


This video just saved the day 😩

Hi, Liz. I got two question. Firstly, you wrote in the beginning ‘The most effective method in developing… ‘ and then when you wrote ” the most effective method to developing…Which one is correct, in or to?

Why isn’t every single English class opened up with this video?

Young thigger

I found the way he stopped in the middle of stories/points to be really manipulative. it’s so obvious he did it so people would have to go buy his books/dvds/etc. i’m not saying the information he shares is bad, but the way he approached this ted talk is really disappointing to me.

The voice was great

This is us.

Truth said!

I love the animations. Nice video!

Top 10 Children’s novels

I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and except Bosnian, I can speak Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin because they’re all almost the same – all are Southern-Slavic languages, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro were once parts of a bigger country called Yugoslavia along with Slovenia and Macedonia. I learn English and German in school, and know some basics of Japanese and Dutch. In middle school I’ll learn Latin, and I would also like to learn Greek, Spanish, Russian, Esperanto and Norwegian.


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