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“Love Trumps Hate” backfired on Hillary as did “Stronger Together” and “I’m with Her”. How are you going to win in 2020 unless you can give voters a POSITIVE reasons to vote democrat?

I miss your videos so so much!!!!

My pleasure, thanks for the video!

F. Nietzsche

Thank you!

They are depressed and a kind of person that take on the the whole world

Look pretty nervous there my boy

Do u mind migrating to where i live and be my teacher?

Shkreli’s mother must’ve taken a quadruple dose of laxatives to shit that ugly little bastard into the world.

I think this is the most compact, concentrated history of Buddhism I’ve ever heard and seen.

@OriginalLifeActx I’d vote for him.

Keep these up i need them thanks alot for being there to support students

That’s great job sir ji

Your absolutely amazing! Thank you💙

Hey i am a 18 year old guy who is thinking about start reading novel and before that i never a novel so suggest me any novel as a starter. i hate books but i never found a interesting one. So tell me some.

I cried watching this

Mirror neurons are only part of the story.. we all have energy fields and some of us are very sensitive to others fields and pick up on it.

I like the way you explain us


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