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If there are no job the result no money no market no indestrey self destructive loop

What about if it’s neither an agree or disagree but asks you to discuss.

Hello dear i wanna know about one word which is confusing me is that : illustrate.

I have no idea how to say thank you for this wonderful video. thank you bro


He speaks like everybody else? I do not know one single person who speaks in such a demented manipulative way. Even my aunt who actually suffers from dementia talks like an adult. She may forget a couple things here and there but still has her decency. I know only of one who talks like Trump: Hitler.

Another masterpiece of a video. well done, sir.

Just round the fucking 0.5 up!!

Wow you just told all americans who struggle with the german “ch” how to easily pronounce it. props

3:38 Isn’t that Thai script? You show it as if it was also Indo-European, but if it’s Thai it’s not. If it’s not Thai, what is it? 🙂

Great work carry on

I think Adam Smith has been grossly misrepresented by certain people in recent times, but his concern for the public and criticism of abuses by the wealthy seems as relevant today as in 1776.

This just reminds me of that part in the dark knight when the joker says: You’ll see, when the chips are down… these civilised people…. they’ll eat each other.

I like your opinion on this and I think it would certainly make a difference if marvel does colour-grade their movies more vibrantly. But I also think that it’s a objective matter rather than subjective truth, I see no reason to call it “ugly” or “problem”, I would just stand by it and try to enjoy the movies that the studio has to offer and perhaps to understand the decision were made rather than criticising them.

Those that we think are being ignored.

Hello! these exam technique videos for AS are so helpful! do you have any videos that go through the topics in edexcel for theme 1 and theme 2?

Thanks. It is useful to me.

There anyone that can give me the transcription from the 8 minute to 20 minute pleaaaaaaaaseee!!!! help me i speak spanish so i cant understand so much 🙁

Spam 0 on your keyboard lmao

15. hyperbole/metaphor


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