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She talks with her arms way too much in the interview. kind of distracting

Like like like

And also, I don’t really think that film-maker rely on

Great course! PERSONALLY i find john green’s lessons confusing.

Haz los retos al final de la serie como en litle inferno

Amazing video, its so simple now thank you so much!!!

I think most of us struggle how to start it. Like what words or sentence to use at the Start.

Idk how anybody can listen to this bullshit, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah a little

I watched this on my school this was so good

Hey Sean play your moma so fat

Can someone please explain why Mr. Clifford drew two separate disconnected outward shifted PPFs at minute 3:25? He said something like, “This occurs for a couple of reasons that don’t matter…” I’m dying to know.


I learnt alot

We need more of this guy tons of this guy

3:38 Isn’t that Thai script? You show it as if it was also Indo-European, but if it’s Thai it’s not. If it’s not Thai, what is it? 🙂


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