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ZAHRA HUSSAIN: Sure – just sent them to you 🙂 hope they help!!

Hi Tom cruise

Awesome channel! Glad I subscribed! 🙂

3. Stop Negative self talk

Oh and a side note, that shirt was MADE BY A WOMAN

Summer is hot, right? Guys?

The sequence of red alert 1, 2, 3 was the best RTS game for me…. and still looking for the best mmorpg game (correct me if I’m wrong)….

Great music! This helps me with my study time, thank you!

Its distracting

The Aryans were real people that invaded India and set up the cast system.

I’m floored! There’s only one way to describe this man’s rationing: genius. There’s also only one way to describe the presentation: creative. Is it a coincidence genius and creativity overlaps?

I don’t. But I see it as a tendency-If not a majority, a large minority of students are unconcerned with trying to learn. They think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to give it in a way they can *easily* understand without too much effort. Teachers should accommodate, but can’t force things into your head.

32.30, 33.20

Watching this video made me happy. To see the love and respect for animals that I have had since I was a little child, the love for learning and science.

This… Is…..mind……blowing….. 😑

-copyto 1

Scientific knowledge, or narratives, materialize in society’s institutions, and are therefore ‘real’ to people.

Look at that Pizza John shirt!!!

In the Crucible by David Bena. One of the only books I can’t put down and read all three of them in one week.

This video has helped me with my preparations for my exams and now I have also subscribed to your channel this channel is really helping me in studying

Man, I just want to hang out with this guy, he seems cool. Next time you’re in Idaho you can try and pick out my accent! Hint: I’m not from Idaho :-).


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