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I’m curious about some of the jump cuts. There were a little obvious in places. Especially where Noam was talking about advertising and then out of the blue, the host just says, “fine, we just won’t do any advertising” like he was upset at what he was hearing. I didn’t hear anything that warranted that sort of response – but there was a jump cut there. We were looking right at the host and then he was suddenly in a different position and all upset.

I love this!

What about Celine and his “journey at the end of the night” ? or his” Death on the intallment plan” ?

The Chicken he just ate the bag said KFC

I didn’t vote for him before, but I sure am now.

Anyone else here 10 min before the test?

I’m bawling my eyes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Studding 🙁

Do more allwase like to see vareation on your Chanel

Great video, although it would’ve been nice if you had given us another 1-1.5 seconds on each slide because, even though I read pretty quickly and already know most of this stuff, it was very difficult to keep up with the speed of it. The music is great, by the way.


4:03 “Governmnet”

Incredible English. I am awe-struck by his verbiage and diction.

Imporatance of HRM,

Alpha stage games should be free during that time. Paying $90 to test there game for them is not ok. If the game is cheaper when it comes out why would I pay $90 to test it for them.


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