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U r stupid enough to think u r learn something from Trump.

I liked brad pitts bad accent, it sounded more comedic

The level of energy he brings into a room is phenomenal.

Hi All,

Animals ARE sentient beings, and they CAN be controlled with torture and threats. Ever see a tiger or elephant do tricks for human entertainment? Those tricks they are forced to perform are not natural, and they are physically painful. Not to mention it kills their dignity and their spirit to be kept in a cage their whole life. Doesn’t it make sense that if we want freedom, we must stop enslaving and torturing animals? Go vegan. If you eat animal products, you support the cruelty they are bred in to. Boycott the circus and the zoo. Support an animal sanctuary near you.

Lol, this quiz didn’t even match my real mental age (320)

The daaawg licked the ole an everewone layaghed.


It’s just so funny

Existentialist, yet there are aspects of his works that really seems to

I have watched many documentaries, what a powerful piece of movie, very moving. The directing and the cinematography is fantastic. I cried and laughed and saw myself thoughout this documentary, even before I finished watching this documentary for the first time I gave it a rating of ten out of ten, or I should say 5 stars, 5 gold stars.

Do the same, jajajaja

Being ignorant of his foul plot for 31 years.

So, why universal healthcare is centralized and public education isn’t? Who wants to buy an iPhone if you can’t pay your quimio?

Writing: Like what I said before, it’s busywork,



I’m really struggling and love you and your videos 😭😭



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