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Great job

The only oppression of blacks presently has happened by blacks themselves.

Some days it’s big, small, curvy, pointy, connected, dark, light, spacey, and EVERYTHING ELSE THERE IS

Why did it have to be cancelled

Man that Boogerman HD game looked amazing 🙁 and it would have been a kind of Earthworm Jim sequel, that alone would have made it worth it for me.

Bull! He has a stunted vocabulary. He refuses to speak in complete sentences. I don’t have to tell people to “believe me”, they already believe what I say because I don’t make a habit of lying to them. He doesn’t even speak like an adult, much less a politician in a leadership position. It is an embarrassment.

There was a study made by Tony Buzan, book “Power reading” (i`m not sure if it is the correct title in english, I`m from Croatia), it shows how much time we lose on learning instead of spending time playing with friends, having coffe ect. And how much of that knowledge will we actually use in the future (aboat 5-10% here in Europe).


What is moral..

While I respect a lot of Adam Smith’s major points, I would probably lean more to a Keynesian approach especially looking at the nature of today’s economy and market as a whole. A little government involvement in “good” economic times can be a good thing. Pure competition will ultimately lead to inefficiencies and economic collapse

Can we talk about how Stranger Things is nothing but intertextuality after intertextuality?

XD “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Don’t say doin’ your wife. Don’t say doin’ your wife. Don’t say doin’ your wife. Doin’ your. . . son?”

Good advise (y)

How would you write a personal statement for someone who plans for a career in medicine?

Did she ever hear bush? he was a moron.

Seems to me like the point of the video is to show that technology, while being hailed as the saviour of our world, is actually contributing to some of the more negative aspects of it. For example, all this technology thats great for classes, like typing notes and downloading notes, is generally not being utilised in that manner. One big distraction rather than helping. That being said, I’m not going to stop facebooking during dull lectures xD

So our drunk racist uncle was elected? He sounds more like a used cars salesman, “this car is great it has over 250,000 miles on it and believe me it will take you places to great places, tremendous places, spectacular places, believe me”.

Pourquoi le titre est en Fr alors qu’il parle anglais?

Hell ya, its about time this kinda thing was said

Thank you so much – the layout is so helpful with regards to having the pros, cons and evaluative points written as you have done here.

I am 11 and I am crying because I sit in a classroom were I smell smoke all day and and my friend has asma 😷😷


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