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Nehrika level is outclass the way she speaks marvellous and very ipmressive

Male qualities, male ideals?

Hip Hop/Rap is evoluted music ’cause is not actually “music” : it is pure style

Aww obamas not in ot tuis time

This is a lie! georgian and northen caucasians are not indo europeans! we are caucasians!!

Jack senpai please do more of this it’s pretty cool!! @_@

This is it. All our jobs are going to be taken by robots. We will all starve

Excuse me? I don’t know anybody who speaks like this and I’m a laborer and I get to work with immigrants who speaks better than this moron.

Both your channel mind your own business or economic on your tips world best video keep it up sir

A new relationship or grieving has nothing to do with a tree growing leaves. That would be like us growing hair or finger nails our thoughts and emotions aren’t involved. Your analogies is off. You make a relationship you don’t grow it off your body or your root self. A tree can’ t have a relationship with something thats not grown off its roots. So its impossible for the tree to have a relationship and emotion it something. You can’t compare it to a human trying to get into a relationship. That would be like a plant in a home waiting to be watered but never gets watered. It wont happen without some effort.

These questions weren’t as difficult as they were brought up to be, maybe because our society rewards obedience over individuality. Obedience being going to school, and being a good citizen, as he even stated. The morality of that itself is extremely flawed, but we are taught to accept these ideas, embrace them, without understanding the morality of them. We should introduce morality to children in schools, rather than teaching them the same things year after year until they are of age to learn the more advanced concepts. Teaching children to be controllable at a young age is precisely what common core was for, and judging from how disproportionately idiotic people of my generation are acting(I’m 19), it looks like it’s working perfectly. The fact that these are adults being introduced to these ideals for (clearly) the first time, should be very alarming to all of us.


A dream since I was young is to change the world.

There is nothing that comes to my mind brother, but AMAZING. you say it all and any addition would merely be a cosmetic surplussage

I see you like to argue about semantics on youtube…

Almost all that humanity has done for me in my life is complicate it, get in my way, and not reciprocate positive actions. Roommates who can’t pull their fair share, doctors who have let multiple of my family members die, attorneys who didn’t use evidence that would’ve exonerated an accused family member. I get to watch the pendulum of social norms swing wildly in all directions, the more extreme the more expected in this day and age. When I seek intellectual stimulation, also I try to give as well, what I get for this is people who don’t try, or who are defensive and arrogant. It is rare people attempt to be engaging, and even more rarely, those who are when they attempt. Those few are the ones who are going to replace you with more interesting versions of yourselves, and I look forward to it. RSVPing for the party now. XD

But what if it’s the other way around:


> so it turns out, overall, that those things you are most sure are extremely one way are usually more moderate, & other things which you have always thought to be rather indistinct & moderate are actually far more extreme.

Chomsky rightly criticized Google at least twice and in both cases it went in one ear and out the other.

This video is so great, thank you for all your help 😊

Hi all,


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