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“I am a human being, God damn it. My life has value”.

Thank you for the lovely recommendations!

It makes me wonder… i wish that i could go back 5000 years to a certain group of people and then fast forward the evolution of their language, or rather the language of their descendants. where is the fist person that starts using “puellae” instead of “puella” to more precisely convey his/her thoughts? it would be so nice to watch the sped up version of say Latin and then all it’s offspring languages.

Watching fetus jack right after watching one of his recent vids is making me feel soooo wiiierrddd

Dafuq is wrong…he’s just mumbling

And Albanian language in Kosovo like shown in the map didn’t exist till 17. century when those wild mongrels were broth there by the Turks from mountains in Albania where they for centuries shagged sheep happily.

Is that Jake Paul at 2:45

This helps me with my work at school 👍😄

I feel so relieved to find this video!

BTW: I`m very light skinned compared to most indians but I become much darker after just a few days of exposure to the sun.

I love it when I am doing homework it so peaceful

So bots take half the jobs and 50% of the population is unemployed. Since bots are more efficient and cheaper, prices fall. Cost of living is now 50% of what it was. For remaining human jobs, the standard work week is cut in half for an average of 20 hours per week. You earn half of what you did previously, but it has the same purchasing power as before due to cheaper cost of living. The unemployed 50% of the population learns to do the remaining jobs and fills in the remaining 20 hours a week so all the same work gets done.

Teenager. I devoured it.

Ah, better. Thank you!

He just described my 48 year old daughter… She gets it from her mother, That’s why I dumbed her mother many years ago. I was hoping she might change when she saw all it got her mother was a early grave….

Turkish nous suffixes are used in place of prepositional phrases in English thus:

Alex wasn’t that smart, he failed on his very first question. It wasn’t a nail, it was a strew…XP

Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is you’re than you.

Don’t you guys care about farmas dei with no food your fucken netas

Lol this guy probally still enrolled at a adult center. so tru tru..dude get your g. e.d before u try to teach

Interesting way of presentation, but the VOICE!

This game looks incredible! Such vision and scope, glad they have such an experienced development team.

My first language is French which you are pretty familiar with. However, I learned Armenian alongside French when still an infant, then forgot it and then rediscovered it later. I wish I knew more of it when I had my Latin classes in school, because these two languages grammars have a pretty large overlap. Classical Armenian had the following 7 cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative, instrumental and locative. Modern Eastern Armenian still has the same cases, while Western Armenian has lost the locative case. To be honest most of the time the form for nominative and accusative is the same, and same goes for genitive and dative.

As part this eastern philosophy series, can you please make one video on illusionary of self.



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