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Homework is a waste of time plus my homework is to study history but what kind of history so I chose music like if u agree Im in 4th grade lol XD

He speaks like everybody else?

I am so skary and sad 😢.

Sir, is there micro economics lecture 2 also on YouTube?

Well, actaully i ♥ english nd i speak it. But the prblm is i don t know how 2 write :-P.

This dude looks like mark cuban

Well that was racist and unfunny

I Love Bernie Sanders Feel The Bern

“Weaponized Intertextuality”??? All you said was that bad movies are bad, and good movies are good. I get that it can be over done, but unless you create a new franchise with all the excitement of discovering the Matrix for the first time, there is nothing better than revisiting that world again. I don’t understand how this can be a problem unless the movie is bad… Then you just have a bad movie. Who cares about everything else?

(I would’ve used Zero Hour and Forces of Corruption, but he said no expansions or DLCs)

“Hard rock” that’s metal you dumbass

Yes Trump sound like a family member but that family member the most family look at as one that talks a lot of shit, lies a lot and exaggerate.

A very helpful video!

Look in the sky it’s a plan no it’s a Baird no he is jone cena

Hahhah sala

The American Government gives us all a number!! To them we are a number and a commodity!! A dollar sign!!! These things put a price tag on everything and I do mean everything!!! Everything that was once beautiful and sacred has been destroyed!!!


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