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Alternate facts are for alternate universes, let’s just stick to this one.

I love this movie but I don’t understand all the dialogue, Someone cam help me to improve my level by talking with me (skype, facebook, …), I’m french 😉


It says tell us what you think – I think that was absolutely epic. So helpful. Thankyou!!!!

Im sorry you see it that way.

This track list above is not accurate.

“His idea is today that cynicism of those in power is so open that we don’t need any critique of ideology, you reach symptomatically between the lines, everything is cynically openly admitted. We just have to bring out the facts of people. Like “This company is profiting in Iraq” and so on and so on. Here I violently disagree.”

PEOPLE what Judith is saying is that “gender” is a social construct. She is using a word you have already assigned a different meaning to, let that go. SEX is male female, essentially your biological makeup, if you’re born with a penis or a vagina. What she’s saying is that from society and ourselves and this “phenomenon” around us, we believe that BECAUSE of our SEX we have to adopt certain traits. For example, you may have a penis but not CONFORM to all stereotypes such as enjoying football.. you may prefer a fashion show? Judith uses a brilliant comment “I have some friends who say “I would die if I had to wear a dress” some of those are men, some of them are women”. Just because you’re born with a vagina doesn’t mean you have to do anything society tells you to, you don’t have to wear dresses for example. Essentially Judith is freeing us of all constraints, basically shes saying do what you want! If you’re against her then your for society controlling your identity.

Sugar tax and regulation came up

A dream to you can be reality to me

I had to download more ram ok


To boost your programming knowledge a little: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 are “power of two” numbers.

I studied Turkish and there yiu can find six cases (nom gen dat acc abl loc) with quite distinct functions. I really like it that you don’t have to think about whether things are ‘on the street’ or ‘at the street’ or ‘in the street’ because you just use the locative of street

Good luck

So much Brainwashing for people that don`t like to think for themselvs. Why don`t you say how MONEY is REALLY made? . Why don`t you say that money are made out of thin air and we have to work to get them. Why don`t you say that the economy you state it is actualy an ANTIECONOMY. You see my friend you can`t call something is ECONOMIC when it`s build to destroy itself as fast as possible so you buy it again as fast as possible. Examle are all over from cars, houses and everything is build and sold. ITs Capitalism not Economy > ECONOMY means you build a table out of the best wood possible so i can use for how many years i can untill it detiriorates and i have to buy another one. In that way i used a table for 20 years.

I have an idea to keep car prices low… How about the CEOs of those companies, won’t take 12 millions a year??? Hmmm??

Such an awesome video haha

Hey there, is it possible for you to do the point, proof, analysis method by sunday? I kind of have an english exam then. I wish I knew of this channel earlier. :*(

Ho my god I understand Mousse click in the song of 38:00 xD

Great lecture

(yes i know this comment is mean:( )


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