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So while it is undeniable that heterosexual practices have always existed, our modern day notions of sexuality as an exclusive, determined innate feature are profoundly historical notions, not just as an epistemological breakthrough (like: now we know sexuality is innate, people before us were just stupid!), but also in so far that people in the past really did live sexuality in a different way (and still do in other cultures)

Thanks for the video. I used it to pass my exams and get my high school diploma at SECRETGEDLOOPHOLE..com. I now am in college and I always look at your video for a refresher to help with my writing because my professor really is not good at explaining like you are.

I actually disagree with what he’s saying. I know it looks kinda bland with the effect they use in most marvel movies but I find that it’s unique compared to cliche action superhero movies. I mean you would expect to see vibrant colours and dark shadows but i reckon it’s just overdone. I find that it makes the movies look more bright and relatable with the current effect. Instead of adding a blue tinge, like most movies I’ve seen lately, they go with something completely different from everything else and I reckon thats pretty cool. Don’t get me wrong, some of the movies I’ve seen with more vibrant colours are really good, but it’s not about how ugly a movie is, it’s about the storyline and the characters and being in the moment. In the end there’s only a small percentage of people that actually pay attention to the filters used, it’s mostly about what the movie is.

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I really like this Lao Tsu dude. He’s pretty woke. Seriously, though, he’s one of the more down-to-earth philosophers who wasn’t overly preachy or obnoxiously righteous, and his observations are pretty grounded yet uplifting.

Wubba lubba dub dub

Who really says “Warhammer Forty-Thousand”? I only know it as “Forty-Kay”.


Yes, great info, apart from the insulting and unnecessary use of retarded as a colloquilism. Which makes you sound like an ill educated teenager. Maybe your Nan should’ve told you that too. Please re-record with respectful language for people of all abilities.

What is frizon?

No complaining, if nobody ever complains, nothing bad gets fixed. All I know now is that I would be a great politician.

Ok try to figure out what song this is edededbcda

16:34 Gary Sinise 😋☺

Woww maam u teach very well..👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻

2015 and this world is still so incredibly brainwashed. We are just scared children, and not very bright ones. Why else would we run around believing in fairy tales? Its mind-boggling.

IRAN is a zioninst state

Ha! I learned more in this 5 min then I did all week in social! Thank you for the helpful video!

THANK GOD IM A MUSLIM because it is such a bad sad hingthey do and its the religion who makes people slaves, i dont mean to hurt anybody

Wow u had been in Nepal?😍😍 when will u visit again?


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