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I wonder if the lyrics for your video was also put together using that “terameter anapestic” way. That would be cool

Money is a root cause of empathy? And economics has nothing to do with money? Please tell me more.

No Kafka, no Hesse, no Thomas Mann, no Bulgakov, no…of course, why should we list novels by authors that require us to think. The Great Gatsby is highly overrated.

… would you care to back up that argument? Or just tell me that I’m wrong in an attempt to provoke a heated argument?

Hello Happy Wife Happy Family Happy Thank You Much

He’s kinda hot. Just me? ok.


Professor Dumbledore, is that you?

I need this to be about three times as long, because that was excellent.

I have but one thing to say to this.

The best way to write an essay introduction

B) Discuss the possible consequences of economic growth. [15]

And Ill say it once more, you sound like every dumbass throughout history who grew old and started telling the younger generation whats “wrong” with them. Anyone who is going to make a blanket statement about an entire generation, while using his own personal story as a backdrop, should know that peoples individual lives and responsibilites are much more complex than someone on the outside looking in can reflect on….and by trying to do so you sound like a douche on a high horse.



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