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Check it out, guys!

.I was expecting the scene of Johnny Depp when he find a finger in his sandwich in Sweeney Todd movie

Last time I checked, 16+12+5+3 = 36

Thanks fam

MC Kristian


Age of Mythology is a good nr.2

Only for entusiastic gamers that realy want to support the game beyond the KS that are also are more likly to be heard by the devs for eventual ideas..

You’re really awesome

We need longer human campaign.

Of the amount of books read I commented before, and writing more emails than for class, well, who is to blame for that. Surely not the educational system. 26.5 hours in total? Cut the online time on facebook, or those 500 emails, suddenly there will be time enough.

I loved it!

Try living in North Korea

Thank you – I wish you were my teacher. I was able to understand the breakdown and get started.

So when is he doing the next episode of Tosh.0?


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