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It’s not “the Ukraine”. It’s Ukraine. Please change the subtitle.

Hey, what about being REAL?

Where is the body paragraph????

Very helpful. thanks

Great speach… but i dont think it was the bandaid on his arm that gave lance armstrong self confidence.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!! (just the first one).

That is all, thank you again and sorry if there mistake ^^.

If you need to be written……..

“untouchability”… wtf is that supposed to be, you’re all humans & equal.

This guy made my childhood so awesome alongside Mr. Rogers, Dragon Tales, and Arthur.

Nice to see tosh.0 take a break from his day job

Ps: i hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! Don’t forget to be awesome 🙂

I get reference lists after every chapter. I want to get it at a special place or at the end of the document…

Hey guys why don’t we help them get 1,000,000 subscribers cause I think that would be kind :3 (By the way Emma you should be a teacher in a advanced school)

Thanks for sharing!

I read a book about writing essay and I did learn from it, but not as much as this video. I spent some time trying to figure out how it is going to look like, the structure, the order of topics and arguments and forgot the fact I prefer visuals to put down my ideas. Now I look at this template you have here and surprised how confident I feel to go to my desk and write my essay.

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The best presentation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

As far as the music making robot: theres no way that music being played hadn’t been written before. Every song you hear is a aural reiteration and no one could ever hope to “create” something new. Especially using anglo 12 tone with diatonic configuration. Maybe step off your ever so low to the ground horse and see that others are lower.


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