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Very informative video and gives me a clear understanding Thankyou for this video

Have Alex ever reproduced…?

30 min it would be good if the speaker adds the information on deaf children to the wiki himself. He would probably be qualified enough to give it a start.

Carry On is really good

Bonarch-Tarski seems to me to have too many “if”s and “then if”s. Theoretically Bonarch-Tarski can prove a theoretical multiverse existing simultaneously within our universe….

This is saving my life right now! I’m taking Introduction to microeconomics in college and this is perfect for helping me study.

I liked this video. I think the “Beauty and the Beast” live-action take is a pretty extreme case of this, and I can see why it would spark a video on the topic — following the chatter about it, it’s pretty clear that Disney isn’t going to make substantial revisions to the material except for a few new songs and minor characters; it’s not going to radically rethink the story and characters, but rather just recreate the animated feature. Since I have a copy of that film (actually my favorite Disney feature) at home, why would I need to see this? Yet a lot of people seem really excited about this movie, so maybe it’s just me.

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Baloney! Trump doesn’t say “believe me” for emphasis.

But im back subbed again

How was the temperature of empty space discovered?….

If nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do.

Maybe this is why all my friends think I’m a hard ass

My absolutely FAVORITE video.


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