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Hey why don’t you upload more videos?

🎅 = 👽

For instance, the example of oil prices. The main influence of the price is neither supply nor demand, but futures trading and speculation, a one off game played by 3rd parties.

OMG, it’s like little inferno, but not like little inferno at all! Pls do more!

I, m actually gonna use that I method during my exam! LOL

I don’t think that complain people who use all their engery and emotion to teach you something is a great idea especially on Youtube so i think if you are trying to find a way to improve yourself find another person maybe he or she will inspire you. But i think if you still think in the same way like this you won’t learn anything

American Gods and Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

Your funny-cool

Nice miss

Everyone: let them vote and be equals but you know better physically and mentally but humans created them so equals.

Thanks very much Professor Trost, you are making my online schooling so much easier and understandable.

What’s with the nose hair close ups?

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

I love the game and i love the Death Star!

+1 (484) 398-2464

We want more video!!!!!!!

Make more like these.

How do you figure out how monopoly is connected to each unit?

Not impressed, birds can be taught to say words. now let him solve an equation. some hyper excited exxagerating newb from reddit sent me here.

Y is it acdc

Wow in my college days a English boy with a black voice it was so great to see how Music was changing in UK


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