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Lack of knowledge, lack of education, lack of teaching….I am a dark skin West Indian from Guyana and I find this documentary repulsive. I’m so furious with Indians – I believe they are the worst group of ppl that promote self hate within themselves. Regardless of skin color-they are all one ppl “Indians”. Darker the berry sweeter the juice… I’m always attracted to a darker skin tone especially in men just my preference.. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. We are all God’s children!!!!

And probably no straight male at all.

Watch the video over a few times. try and mimic the different body languages and try and visualize them. eventually you will integrate the knowledge and will become more natural.

Totally misleading crap

According to xxx,…

I love you Mr. Clifford……..:)

Not like Dick and Jane books which would bore and annoy


The guy was blessed with brain power..he obviously uses it…. martin has fun here…its a personna..he has about 20!!!…the media mäde him the devil…when he puts down the real situation and his future plans…the guys alright.

Doesn’t german have Ca?

How come I never heard about Dizzy kickstarter?!

Mumble rap doesn’t exist bruh these old heads are annoying asf

Iconography seems to be more apropos to what you speak, intertextuality is in the medium of text, not the visual.

Which Park had momentarily forgotten. A ball of paper hit him in the back of the head.

I haven’t been a student in over 20 years,

“We accept the love we think we deserve”

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Thank you! i think now i understand how im gonna write my essay its really confused and hard for me, but thanks

Now what we have here is one damn lucky pipe

Where is Andre Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix???

That’s Jared from silicon valley…

Hey, world. I’m Italian, I can speak English, Spanish and a bit of French, studying Ancient Latin at school and currently struggling to choose another language to learn by my own. I would love to learn Japanese or German, but I don’t know anyone I could talk to, soooo… is there anyone here? Arigato/Danke —–

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