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Great teaching, very eloquent and witty. Am I the only one that thinks the paraphrase for the ‘best way to improve health is to do regular exercise’ is not totally correct except the word ‘by’ is sandwiched between ‘be’ and ‘daily’ or all the same eliminate ‘considered to be’. The most effective method of enhancing one’s health is by doing daily exercise. For me, the word by irreplaceable and hence the emphasis, because the IELTS question also displays that doing exercise is a means to improving health. Please, am i making sense to anyone on this platform, share your thoughts on my observation.

Wait… they said english accent and actually marked England and not the entirety of Great Britain? Not something I would expect, great job!

Immigrants… what…?


Love this!

Plz tell me name of bgm..

Maeby they will see from them how dedicated you are, but it doesn`t mean you know how to get the job done.

Thank you!

I thought you did an outstanding job rewriting the sentnces to include an indirect object, however you should not identify the objects of prepositions as indirect ob

Thank you sir! You just saved my life! #LEGEND

Greek has a rather unusual case, the vocative, which is used when you want to address someone. For example “friend” is φίλος (filos) and when you want to address him you say φίλε (file).

Must buy LooLoo

That being said; then I announce the meaning of my life for this very moment to just simply and successfully comment this sentence without explaining myself too much and how I ironically and intentionally did my best to make this come off as absurd.

It took me until 11:15 to realize the boss was behind a desk not standing in a balcony lol

U r amazinnngggg!!!!!☺☺☺

Sanskrit should be brought back as the National Language and regenerate it in the primary school level to the PhD level. We owe to our-self and earlier it is done better it is for the nation! This is not for sentiment but for the cohesion of the country and support for a native language with the depth which can’t be ignored!


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