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This is a great resource for students! Awesome. One thing though and I’m not sure if anyone has posted this before. At 2:34, for negative externalities, the DWL is the area above the MSB and below the MSC, so not the shaded area you have.

Yes but nobody tells you that a language obstructs your memory, and therefore your ability to learn from your mistakes and be more individual and interesting.

Are you a boy or girl?


Serves rhetorical purposes, and corresponds less to an academic fascination with the true nature of past societies

Commandos the best game

Very good info!

How far goes humanity

You sound like Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Who’s doing Romeo & Juliet, Animal Farm and Frankenstein?! Also, one of my options is film studies and I guess the best way to revise it to watch films haha 😂xx

Philosophy of any :

1:15 Queue the 20min video

Is this a typical lecture and room in the university?

Why is the amount of berries that he gets in each scenario unevenly proportioned (100 first one, only 80 more second time, 60 3rd time…)?

I have all those fonts so I don’t know what my handwriting tells about me

peoples money!!!!!!

This literally just became words ><


Y-y-y you’re back!!


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