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My Grand father told me he made money every month of the 1930’s and the postman brought it to him! Also every bought more,

He speaks like a salesman… a shonky salesman… believe me… now sign here. Linguist lady he speaks like every salesman selling timeshare and crap no one needs.


Brusspups a girl

– “You do not want to learn a new language, you do not know what you can earn from it” – Hag

Ben Linus now teaches at Harvard!

7:08, make sure you don’t approach from the front. Why?


Most people like whats popular, and whats popular is almost always not nearly as popular as what intelligent – Its true

-only learn stuff on a need to know basis. You can get through life not knowing the capital of France is Paris

I watched xisumas videos of this game and no offence to him, but I thought you might be less derpy

Reply to this comment in the languages that you know!

My first language is Spanish and I’m kind of fluent in english, im trying to perfect it though. and i want to learn a new language, i just don’t know which one and besides i don’t have enough time:(

By Mail: min. hague@mea. gov. in, indiaportal@gov. in

Woah, didn’t know their was a way to produce so much information from a few clever rhymes. This video seemed to pushed further the essay video format considerably in surprises. Bravo, keep up the good work.

Thnks it help me a lot in exam


Aww cmon man why’d ya have to move all the guests so quickly. They definately wont be coming back to that hotel.

More book recommendations pleaseee!

Back in the day when he didnt scream his intro and outro


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